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LaDon Love is the Executive Director of SPACEs In Action. SIA is a multi-ethnic membership based community organization that focuses in the District of Columbia in wards 7 and 8, as well as, Maryland in Montgomery County. In 2019, SIA was a lead organization in the campaign that secured $15.8 million in the DC budget for childcare and health services for DC families raising children from birth to three.

 Love has over two decades of experience in community, leadership and organizational development.  She uses grassroots organizing to engage in local, state and national campaigns to affect public policy.  She works with local leaders to identify issues and develop solutions to improve the lives of low and moderate income families and their community. She is also a published photographer who uses her photography skills to tell the story of those directly impacted, bringing her subject’s personality to the photography experience.  


Once a year she is the lead trainer for Empowered Women International’s Entrepreneurs Training for Success program.  Through an 18 session program, she guides women business owners in the process of developing a business plan and pitch.  Additionally, she is the Vice-Chair of the Algebra Project Board of Directors and a founding member of Community Voices Heard. In her 20 years of experience, she has worked with the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of New York State, the Northwest Bronx Community Clergy Coalition, Citizen Action of New York, the Center for Community Change, the Center for Progressive Leadership, and Community Learning Partnership. She has received the Shirley Chisholm Leadership and Ms. Magazine Woman of the Year awards. 


A graduate of Hunter College, she also has educational training from the following organizations: Empowered Women International, Life Asset, the Aspen Institute, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Technology Of Participation and Training for Change, Washington School of Photography, and Entrepreneurial Women’s Institute.


“I do this work because as a mom I want to work with other families who want to ensure that policy solutions are centered in the needs and demands of those directly impacted.  If those most directly impacted are not at the table, it is likely that the policy solutions are not based on life experiences

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Destiny Sharpe is SIA’s Economic Justice Organizer. She is the lead staff on the Under 3 DC campaign that works to engage DC families raising children and the early learning educators, centers and family providers that search them. The campaign focuses on early learning of children from birth to three so that the first 1,000 days is full of brain development activities.  In addition, the campaign includes wrap around health supports for children and yes, their family too, especially new moms. The goal is to increase the investment in the Birth to Three for All Act so that childcare becomes more accessible for all DC residents starting with the families in most need.

Sharpe’s love for organizing stems from her college years, where she held various positions including secretary and Vice President of the 100 Collegiate Women, which promotes the advancement of collegiate-level women. In those leadership roles she encouraged women, regardless of color and classification, to recognize and own their confidence and self-worth, a key tenant of the organization.

She is proud of her grassroots organizing and lobbying efforts to support women in developing countries, including increasing awareness in funding needs for family planning, and improving access to proper health care for those whose reproductive rights are under attack (specifically through the “Fight4Her” campaign of Population Connection Action Fund).  

Sharpe views her life’s mission as helping others to see in themselves what they can’t see on their own. Born and raised in Washington DC, she left to attend college in North Carolina and credits the SIA staff and community for making her return home so warm and welcoming. In 2019, she earned her BA in Political Science from North Carolina A&T State University, the largest historically black university in the country,  and returned to her hometown to impact change. In her free time, she enjoys walking outside in the sunshine and binge watching lawyer shows on television. 

“I do this work to help all people so we all can collectively coexist together equally, fairly and without angst.”

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As the Outreach and Social Media Coordinator for SPACEs in Action, it’s no wonder that Terrence James’s gift is the ability to easily strike up a conversation and gather people around common causes. SPACEs In Action is a grassroot organization that works with low-income community residents of DC and MD who are impacted by social and economic injustices. Together, we take a seat at the table, develop community-centered solutions, and step into our power.

His experience with SIA began in 2018 when he started as a volunteer working with families of children ages 0-5. As an older brother he not only had experience in this area, but also knew many friends who were starting to have children of their own. He realized that this work could have a measurable impact in the lives of those he loved.

He joined SIA as full-time staff  in 2019. He is the lead staff person on the Fed Up Campaign. The campaign works to hold the Federal Reserve accountable for its charge of full employment and managing inflation. He also manages the health campaign for universal healthcare. Both are national in scope but he connects them to local opportunities.

Born in Queens, he moved to Maryland in his youth and has lived in DC suburbs ever since. He is an avid runner. He began his college career at Wesley College and earned an associates degree in General Education from Montgomery College.

James looks forward to continuing to build a base of community leaders, and encourages everyone to follow the SIA social media accounts. 

“I do this work to serve my family and my community, and help spread awareness around issues that are important.”

Cecilia Galeano is a mom of 2 boys, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and an immigrant. She is the Bilingual Organizer for Spaces in Action. Her focus is on early childhood education, health supports for families raising children from prenatal to three, and language justice.  She moved to the DC Metropolitan area 17 years ago with some cash, a Public Relations Degree, and big dreams. A lot of them are a reality right now, and some of them are still in progress. 
In her role, one of her main focuses is supporting families who need resources and or don’t know about or have access to programs available in DC and the metropolitan area.

Coming from two different countries in South America – born and raised in Argentina and educated in Bolivia makes her realize her most prominent dream.  She wants her boys to have a quality education, access to comprehensive healthcare, and economic security. That’s the type of country she wants for her children and the children living in America. She is proud and happy to advocate and work on early education for current and future generations. She feels self-care is the root of inner beauty that is felt inside and seen outside.


“We might have the words but don’t know how to speak…SPACEs helps to create the sentence.
Angelique Marshall
Owner of Ms. P’s Child & Family Services
“Working with SPACEs In Action has increased our capacity to scale up and work more efficiently. Our potential is now unlimited.”
Ronnie Webb
President of The Green Scheme
“SPACEs in Action looks after the holistic part of our community so that our communities are made whole.”
Rev. LaTaska M. Nelson, MDiv
Lead Pastor, Community UMC & Douglas UMC

1536 U Street NW, Washington, D.C. 


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