SIA_MEMBERS – Spaces in Action

Our organization welcomes all people, and our membership is mostly comprised of Black and Brown individuals. SPACEs In Action welcomes new members year-round, and our members primarily reside in Washington, DC or Maryland. If you are not local to SPACEs In Action, but still want to support the mission, we also welcome financial donations to further our work.


  1. • Join a Community. We build power in communities by bringing individuals together to actively listen, identify problems  and create community-centered solutions. We start by meeting people where they are and then develop them as leaders.

  2. • Learn Together. We coordinate training to build the capacity of the individual to work collectively with others, like one-on-one training, holding decision-makers accountable, political education training, and more. Learn more about our methods here.

  3. • Take Action. We coordinate committees to plan and take action around our three focus areas: health equity, early learning and economic justice. As a member, you can join and lead these programs, by stepping into our power to make a difference.


Ready to become a SIA member?

  1. 1. Follow this link to pay the $36 annual membership fee, using Paypal or a Credit/Debit card, and when prompted,  include a note that references the fee is for SIA membership. 

  2. 2. Then fill out this form Spaces In Action Membership Cards, including your current home address.

  3. 3. After completing both steps, you will receive a receipt of payment, and SPACEs In Action will follow up with a welcome note and membership card.

Want to Sponsor a Member?

Process the payment of $36, using the directions above under “Join,” but include the individual being sponsored (name, phone number and email) in the memo section. SPACEs In Action will follow-up with the individual directl.


“We might have the words but don’t know how to speak…SPACEs helps to create the sentence.
Angelique Marshall
Owner of Ms. P’s Child & Family Services
“Working with SPACEs In Action has increased our capacity to scale up and work more efficiently. Our potential is now unlimited.”
Ronnie Webb
President of The Green Scheme
“SPACEs in Action looks after the holistic part of our community so that our communities are made whole.”
Rev. LaTaska M. Nelson, MDiv
Lead Pastor, Community UMC & Douglas UMC

1536 U Street NW, Washington, D.C. 


[email protected]