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SPACEs In Action believes in developing the whole person; and as such, develops leaders by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to approach policymakers and advocate for change in their communities.  We believe that racial equity must be the centerpiece of all policy making and implementation.  The lack of racial equity has led to the oppression of Black people and other people of color. We will not be free until we are all free.

We amplify the work of existing programs by involving our vast network and integrating grassroots methods of communication, including a word of mouth model. To increase the voter registration roles, political engagement and the political power of our base, we incorporate Get Out The Vote efforts in all of our campaigns. 

Our proven methods include:

  • Actions: coordinating rallies and marches to demand change in our community, through our various platforms. 

  • Action Research: teaching our members to conduct an assessment of their own community, to assess the problem, define the issue, and create community-centered solutions.

  • Facilitated Conversations: convening discussions between stakeholders with a goal of sharing best practices, and building support networks, like our Parent Cafes.

  • Storytelling Exercises: helping people tell their personal stories linked to policy solutions; stories are either written, auditory testimony, or visually on camera, using tools like Story Adventures and apps like Soapbox.

  • Digital Organizing: using established social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to reach existing and new audiences; mobile apps like Outvote, which encourages coordination around our events and activities; and Hustle, a peer-to-peer texting platform. 

  • Community Fellows: bringing on local leaders to help shape particular projects, and lend their experience to SIA’s projects and programs.

  • Social Networking: building out digital channels to help bring more people to the table.

We invest our time and energy among three main areas of focus that we believe will greatly improve our community: early childhood learning, health equity, and economic justice.


The Birth to Three Campaign SPACEs in Action is one of several groups currently working to build upon DC’s investment in the Birth to Three for all DC law of 2018. The program works to support DC families, expectant parents (including single mothers), prenatal providers, mental health child care clinicians, teleworking nutritionists, child care providers and more. Through base building, public forums and small group work, we engage stakeholders and train leaders to advocate for increasing access to qualify affordable childcare and health care services for our youngest citizens and their families in Wards 7 and 8. 

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Children’s Health Initiative

Primarily through our work with Early Childhood Innovation Network (ECIN, a local collaborative of health and education providers, community-based organizations, researchers, and advocates promoting resilience in families and children from pregnancy thorugh age 5 in Washington, DC), SPACEs In Action helps build a diverse coalition of parents, families and community leaders to help advance these goals. 

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Don’t Mute My Health

In the United States, sugary drinks (like soda and fruit juice) are disproportionately marketed to low-income and minority communities, further amplifying health disparities. In Washington, DC nearly 50% of residents have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, and more residents die each year form complications related to obesity than from AIDS, cancer, and homicides combined. Don’t Mute My Health (DMMH) is a grassroots movement to help create equitable access to healthier lives for DC residents by educating individuals about the role of sugar in one’s diet and how demographics can adversely affect their healthcare access and grocery options. SPACEs In Action believes the health is wealth, and is committed to helping the public understand how food affects their livelihood. DMMH is housed in SIA currently, and is a coalition who’s partners include Green Scheme, Girls Gone Green, DC Greens, Friends and Family of Incarcerated People, American Heart Association, Ward 7 Health Alliance Network, Ward 8 Health Council and more. 

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Universal Health Care

SPACEs In Action believes that universal health care is a right. Currently we are committed to improving Medicare for All, COVID-19 testing and care, and access to affordable prescription medication. SPACEs In Action believes that health is wealth, and is committed to helping the public understand how food affects their livelihoods.


Fed Up

Led by the Center for Popular Democracy, SPACEs In Action is one of many organizations involve din the Fed Up campaign who advocate how the Federal Reserve’s policies adversely affect their communities. Among our chief issues ar expanding economic opportunities for communities of colors, pushing for unemployment insurance, and improving access to jobs that pay a living wage. 

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“We might have the words but don’t know how to speak…SPACEs helps to create the sentence.
Angelique Marshall
Owner of Ms. P’s Child & Family Services
“Working with SPACEs In Action has increased our capacity to scale up and work more efficiently. Our potential is now unlimited.”
Ronnie Webb
President of The Green Scheme
“SPACEs in Action looks after the holistic part of our community so that our communities are made whole.”
Rev. LaTaska M. Nelson, MDiv
Lead Pastor, Community UMC & Douglas UMC

1420 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC 20009


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