Spaces in Action


“Spaces in Action” is both our name and a statement of our purpose. Our goal is to dramatically improve material conditions for people struggling to make ends meet in the United States, and we have a 15-year plan to do so.

On the path ahead, our role is to fuse the power of organized people, bold ideas, and political clout — a three-dimensional power that we believe is the recipe for an economy and democracy where everyone has the freedom to thrive.


“We might have the words but don’t know how to speak…SPACEs helps to create the sentence.
Angelique Marshall
Owner of Ms. P’s Child & Family Services
“Working with SPACEs In Action has increased our capacity to scale up and work more efficiently. Our potential is now unlimited.”
Ronnie Webb
President of The Green Scheme
“SPACEs in Action looks after the holistic part of our community so that our communities are made whole.”
Rev. LaTaska M. Nelson, MDiv
Lead Pastor, Community UMC & Douglas UMC

1536 U Street NW, Washington, D.C. 


[email protected]